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At Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center, we understand that an injury can be the beginning of a long and arduous process for an athlete. Recovery times are often uncertain and ambiguous, creating unnecessary stress for an athlete looking to return to his or her sport. VTFC, in partnership with Onyx Elite, is proud to introduce Return to Play, a program that combines rehabilitation with sport-specific exercise. Our holistic approach is designed to help athletes exceed their athletic goals and grow in their sport.

The Focuses of the VTFC Return To Play Program

Strength Training

Building a custom comprehensive program to build confidence and the strength needed to perform at a high level.

Skills Training and Re-introduction

We introduce the movements and demands of your sport during training to ensure your confidence once you return to play.

Collaborative Approach

We work with your therapist, doctors, and VTFC specialists to ensure your program is appropriate and effective.

Deficiency Elimination

Discovering and minimizing possible physical reasons that may have to contributed to the injury is a major step in protecting against further injury.

Confidence Building

Confidence is something that must be addressed with any injured athlete. This is a pivotal part of your recovery plan

Unmatched Support and Availability

We understand the mental toll that an injury can take on an athlete and we take pride in supporting you and guiding you through this process.  We are here for you!

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